Week 31 (Year 6): Planting Garlic for the Winter Season….

I can’t quite believe that the growing season is nearly over and it’s time to get ready for Winter!?

Before Weeding

And after Weeding

Again, I’ve decided to get going with my Garlic. Such an easy crop to put in and occasionally weed around, but it generally looks after it’s self! That’s the kind of growing I’m looking forwards to during the darker longer winter nights:

Greenhouse needs weeding!



Garlic planting


Even more Weeding (formerly Potatoes)

Not sticks but more Garlic

This year, I’ve planted Garlic:

  • Cristo
  • Carcassonce
  • Wight
  • Germidour
  • Elephant Garlic

So let’s see how they get on!

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