Week 47 (Year 6): Planting First Early Potatoes (Sharpe’s Express) ahead of the curve….

As I’ve had a few more days of “free time” as I was meant to be on holidays, I thought as they were chitted, my First Early Potatoes went into the ground. Traditionally, potatoes are transferred into the ground at Easter but given that that is a moving feast and I’ve got the time, I’ve decided to do this earlier than that!

As per my usual routine, I dig holes for the potatoes, fill them with manure…

Holes ready for potatoes

And use well rotted manure to load the holes full of growing comfort:

New Potatoes planted

(I don’t know why, put I place them with the roots upwards in the hope that this will help with their development but who knows!)

First Early Sharpe’s Express Potatoes (in the ground)

Elsewhere on my plot: the raised beds are looking tidy:

A Spring view of my Plot

And another look inside the greenhouse at the (over-winter) Onions:

Onions in the Greenhouse doing alright

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