Week 42 (Year 6): After Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis: Assessing the Damage…

Gosh It’s been rather windy here in the UK. Storms have blown across the Atlantic and caused serious issues on our Island. Indeed, down on my Allotment, I haven’t been down as much as I would like as the rain and wetness has been a constant. And the ground is rather sodden.

Actually, was relieved that my Greenhouse stood the test of the recent storms with no damage. Unfortunately a neighbouring plot didn’t do as well with the slumped results of their greenhouse (although I note they didn’t have any glass windows but just simple plastic sheeting and plastic inlays. Maybe that’s why it has blown down and is rather precariously leaning into the adjoining paths.

Greenhouse has survived

Someone else wasn’t so lucky

On a lighter note, the onions transferred into the Greenhouse are doing well. They have green lush leaves although as usual, they don’t appear to be growing that well inside. At least I hope they will grow a little larger otherwise I don’t know why I bother!

Onions in the Greenhouse

And outside, I did manage to spend an Afternoon triming back some of the Lavender Plants near the Greenhouse and clearing leaves /weeds along my Central Path. It isn’t a great time of year for productive time down the allotment as its so cold and wet and damp, but hopefully the Spring will come and we shall be able to do some more work shortly.

Central Avenue

Someone else’s cage blown onto my plot

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