Week 26 (Year 4): Growing Grapes and Productive Produce…

So excited that my (White) Grapes on my vine spread across the seating area on my plot is doing rather well. Last year, we lost the actual grapes to the Pigeons and Parakeets so I will need to net them up shortly if I want to harvest them myself!

Grapes forming on the Allotment

Surprised that they are doing so well given I haven’t really looked after this plant much: occasionally watering it but it kind of looks after it’self. So back to weeding:

Strawberry Raised Bed before weeding.

A second crop of Mange Tout has been planted at home, as I really enjoyed this crop earlier on and will also try to grow some more peas.

Strawberry Raised Bed after weeding and tidying up

And some further chippings added inbetween the Raised Beds to smarten up the Plot. Over time these will disappear but they do make the paths neater.

Sweetcorn has sprouted a good head so I expect some corn soon, alongside the French Beans on the pyramid

And you can see even in these recently cleared Raised Beds, the weeds are back and doing too well!

My Beans reaching up the poles

And I can’t forget the courgettes:

Even more Courgettes growing on my plants (with the yellow courgettes just getting started)

And pleased that my Pumpkin plant (located on the former Compost Heap) is getting going. It is situated next to my Peas (which will be pulled up shortly) and hope that I get a good one in time for Halloween.

My Pumpkin Plant.

And it’s definitely time to dig up my First Early Potatoes! They probably should have been collected already but as you can see, I’ve been quite busy so lets discover whats underneath the ground shortly…

First Early & Second Early Potatoes ready to be harvested (soon!)


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