Week 24 (Year 4): In a pickle with Little Onions, First Courgettes of the Season and Bleeding Beetroot….

So another productive week from my Allotment. Whilst tidying up some of the beds, I found that the Little Onions which I had planted from seed were definately ready to eat. They have grown into good size plants and bulbs so I harvested them considering that I want to pickle them.

Salad Onions dug up from my Plot.

Pickling Ingredients alongside the Onions

Pickled Onion as per Delia recipe

And whilst doing more weeding of the Raised Beds, its a great time to have a look at my other crops: and see what is doing well:

Swiss Chard doing well in the Raised Bed

Sweetcorn is flourishing

And after planting my Leeks, I am pleased that they are all surviving and standing up tall and straight. I hope they keep going!

Leeks after the Raised Bed has been weeded

And some seedling/ small plants have been moved onto the Plot from my greenhouse at home. These include Purple Sprouting Broccoli as well as some Savoy Cabbage (which have some really good roots and probably should have been transferred earlier on!

Savoy Cabbage transferred to the Plot.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli transferred to the Plot

And I have noticed that my Courgettes are now developing. Whilst they are small, they are a good size, firm and very green. I have picked some already in order to encourage new growth and prevent them from being Marrows! (We had too many of them last year!)

First Courgettes of the Season

More Courgettes in growth

Stir Fried Courgettes from the Plot to my Plate

And in clearing one of my Raised Beds (for the newly transferred Purple Sprouting Broccoli & Savoy Cabbage) I have dug up the Beetroots. These have performed well with some varying sizes  specimens. I will have to learn what to do with them before I can eat them, and of course, probably sow some more!


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