Week 20 (Year 4): Flowers bursting and new Runner Beans onto my Allotment plot…

Such a sunny day and celebrating the sunshine by picking some of my fruit (literally the fruit of my labour!)

The “Main Avenue” has burst into purple colour with the lavenders doing rather well. Indeed, I have attracted a lot of bees buzzing around.

Bee Happy!

Loads of Lavender

And it’s all looking rather colourful. The Potato flowers are distinctive and pretty as well as a Onion ball (which also seems to attract a lot of insects) as well as this ladybird poppy which has self-seeded itself by the Greenhouse door.

Flowers on my plot

Including a lovely Lady-Bird Poppy

Beautiful Poppy

And time to replace the Broad Beans with new Runner Beans for the season:

Broad Beans cleared

New Runner Beans

And the harvesting continues:

And finally Melons and Gherkin plants (grown from seed) are transferred into the Greenhouse.

New plants transferred into the Greenhouse


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