Week 19 (Year 4): Tidying up before my Hearing Appeal appearance…

Despite providing an active supportive role to the Fulham Palace Meadows Allotment Association, serving firstly as the Assistant Secretary and then as Secretary, I have to follow all the rules like every other Plot Holder. Indeed, given I share my plot with the world on this blog, I feel that I do take good care and attention to how it is maintained (as you can see from the fairly regular updates) so was surprised that I was “carded” by the Inspection team.

Peas doing rather well still!

Weeded and watered (my Sweetcorn & Beans)

Courgettes & Aubergine plants settling in after being watered

Strimming the edges

Looking around and they don’t look too bad!

So appeared at the Appeals Hearing with photographs of the strimming when completed back in May (the day after the inspection was taken place) which was disappointing as it wasn’t inline with our Association Rules (which clearly states that plots are inspected the weekend before the committee when it was actually reviewed on the Friday). It was disappointing that I received the card seven days after the work had been completed (as it was strimmed and grasses cleared on the Saturday morning) but of course the card was issued the day before and only sent after the Committee Meeting.

But the good and fair committee had reviewed my plot and were happy that it was no longer an outstanding issue. Therefore the card was rescinded: to my relief.

So we’re able to dig another day down my allotment.


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