Week 18 (Year 4): Another bumper harvest of vegetables (Peas, Broad Beans, Rhubarb, Strawberries & Sweet Peas)…

Another amazingly productive visit down my plot to pick up more fruit and more vegetables

And for the first time this season, I have been able to pick a small handful of Sweet Peas which look beautiful. These smell amazing so that will be a joy to take home and look after.

A table full of harvested productivity

So good to pick Peas, Broad Beans, Mange Tout, a large bag of Strawberries as well as sticks and sticks of rhubarb and a handful of herbs. It is good that this is all fresh and allotment grown and tasty. Most surprised with the Mange Tout, and after cooking them, (a quick stir fry) how delightfully flavoured they were as well as staying crunchy. (I have already sown a new stock as I want to enjoy some more!)

Cooked: My Mange Tout & My Broad Beans

And of course, Garden Peas, which are so tasty and sweet when picking them and opening the pods.

My amazing Peas

Such a joy to know that these vegetables have been grown in fresh ground by Fulham Palace and after picking them in the afternoon, they are cooked that very same evening and taste amazingly fresh.  I don’t think you can get fresher than that!

And back to the jam making (for the strawberries and rhubarb).


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