Week 17 (Year 4): Harvesting Strawberries, Broad Beans, Garlic and Radish/ Transplanting Leeks /Transferring Beans…

Having had yet more sunshine and long days, it is time now to start enjoying the fruits of my labour and produce from the Allotment. Had a great day picking strawberries which are bright red, mostly firm and uneaten by the local wildlife. Of course these ones are too over to be made into fruit (as they say to make a good jam you should used just ripe ones as they keep their form better) so I hope to pick some more shortly so jam can be made).

My table full of produce: Broad Beans, Strawberries, Garlic and Rosemary.

My productive Allotment harvest

The strawberries are quite soft and probably should have been picked already but they are very sweet. I have lost track of which ones are which as I now have three Raised Beds of different strawberries but more to come.

Lush strawberries

A good handful of Rosemary

Such a versatile herb to grow and taste. It will be used in cooking alongside the Oregano, sage and Thyme.

A pile of Broad Beans

These looked fat and firm so a good handful was picked. After blanching them I tossed them in olive oil and garlic and they tasted wonderful. So fresh and yummy. And some of my garlic has wilted and leaves have died back, so I dug some up. It includes some Bella Italiano Garlic (which appeared from a previous season’s planting!) as well as the Solent Wight Garlic.


I have always loved Leeks. They seem to do well on my plot so I decided  to grow different varieties for a change. The original plan was to see how they grow in neat lines but in transplanting them, some have clearly already done better than others and so not quite sure where they’ve ended up in terms of I will end up with a good Leek Raised Bed. The varieties transferred include (a few) Elfant,  Porbella,  Lyon 2 and Bluegreen Winter Tadorna.

Leeks transferred onto the Plot

Leeks in the new raised bed

And more beans were transferred onto the plot. I am now growing a second lot of Runner Beans as my first two plantings have not germinated. Indeed, I have been advised that many Plot Holders are having a struggle this year and possibly due to mice eating the seeds!?

New French Beans added

These Blue Lake French Beans have been grown from seed and now sitting underneath the frame in the hope that they grow. I may plant another lots just in case. So back to the watering and of course the weeding…


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