Week 16 (Year 4): Harvesting Broad Beans, Nearly Peas, Planting more Beans and Building Structures…

So excited that the weather is changing into Summer: warmer days, longer hours and certainly more sunshine. On my plot, my Broad Beans are doing rather well with pods forming along all of the plants. Of course, like last year, I’m not too sure when I should pick them but have taken off one pod to see what they’re like and will  take it home and try cooking them!

Broad Bean plants

Peas are getting fatter!

And more beans have been added to the pyramid. Of course, I cheated and bought some Climbing French Beans Cosse Viglette which are pretty purple pea bods and should do well as they’re good solid plants.

French Bean Tower

Sweetcorn and Beans from the ground

And elsewhere, more growth as expectations continue skywards…

Green Gooseberries

Red Gooseberries

And the Red Onions aren’t doing well. They have been in place since Week 4 but aren’t look their best. They look like they’ve been demented (as in Harry Potter) and look like they’re all screaming so I’ve dug them up and replaced them (as soil ground is precious on my plot):

Onions pulled up and left to dry.

To be replaced with productive Courgettes (Green ones and a Yellow one) grown from seed.

New transfers of Courgettes (and the addition of a Aubergine)

New Courgette plants grown from seed.

Another Courgette Plant (from seed)

The New Aubergine (Pinstripe)

This Aubergine should produce distinctively purple striped fruit so I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out. My Black Beauty seeds haven’t yet germinated so I shall try again and see what happens.

So lots to see happen and grow over the season…


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