Week 15 (Year 4): Transferring Sweetcorn, French Beans and Beetroots…

With all this warmer weather, my seedlings at home are ready to be transferred onto the plot. Indeed, they’ve had a week or so of hardening off, and with the reduced risk of frosts, they should all grow into good solid productive plants.

First, its time for my sweet Sweetcorn. This was sown a few months ago and they’re large enough to get going on the plot.

Transferring my Sweetcorn

They are next to the Blue Lake French Bean plants which have had a struggle to germinate. I must have planted around 12 seeds but only 2 have emerged so I shall have to purchased some more French Beans otherwise we’ll miss out this year.

Located in a grid by my new pyramid

Very pleased with my new structure on the plot. This pyramid will be used to support French Beans this season and add to the visuals of my plot.

Beetroot plants transferred

They have been placed under the cloches and hopefully will grow into good specimens. I have also sown another row of Pickling Onions, Chantenay Carrots and Raddish.

And more produce and growth across my allotment plot including potatoes (of course!)

Main crop Potatoes

First Early Potatoes


Peas on the compost heap.


It’s all looking very green and lush down my plot:

Even the backside looks quite smart, tidy and ready for the inspections [To be continued]


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