Week 14 (Year 4): Tomatoes transferred to the Plot…

With my Greenhouse, I have decided to have a more focused planting of Tomatoes this year, as last year I went mad in planting every single seedling and plant that had grown. I ended up with too many (and some are still awaiting use in the freezer!)

So as some of the seeds have grown to a good size from seed, it was timely to move them into the Greenhouse so they can get established alongside some which were purchased in the Garden Centre for 50p each!

Gardeners Delight (Purchased)

Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes (Purchased)

Beefsteak Tomato (Purchased)

Pear Drop (Grown from Seed)

Tomato Patch before new Tigerella Plants added

And in addition, I have added

Tigerella (Grown from Seed)

And another from seed:

Another Tigerella Plant

And some covering of plants to protect them from the birds, parakeets and other wildlife interested in my fruit!

Front view of Gooseberries & Blackcurrant plants covered

Covering the Gooseberries

Covering Strawberries

More planting (of Pickling Onions, Carrots and Radish)

So back  to the weeding!

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