Week 13 (Year 4): Weeding the Plot and Fruit Growing…

With longer warmer days, it is time to focus upon the weeding of the plot. They are growing really well in the heat and enjoying the fertile soil that I have cultivated.

Weeded Right Side Beds

Weeded Bed of Garlic

Weeded Fruit at the front of the plot

More tidy Raised Beds

And weeding around the potatoes (First Earlies) and a quick check of the covered area where I have pickling Onions, Radish and only a few carrots) have appeared. The Peas on the former compost heap is doing well with some little flowers forming (so I should enjoy some peas soon!)

Onions are screaming!

I have had this problem previously and my Onions seem to be struggling and look like they’re screaming away!

Main Crop Potatoes doing well

And my Fruit is forming: so I may need to cover over so that the wildlife don’t end up enjoying them before I do!

Gooseberries forming

Blueberries starting to form

So a focus upon making sure I clear the next round of Inspections after my “White” Inspection card commenting on my weeding!

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