Week 11 (Year 4): Tidying Up for Inspections on my Plot…

SHOCK HORROR! The former Allotment Association Secretary was issued with a “White” Card for non-compliance with the Rules & Regulations on the Allotment Association. Well, the “White” card is a warning to “pull your socks up” and focus upon a specific area on your plot, it was a surprise that my non-compliance was worthy of a card and wonder if a little bit of it is in respect of me stepping away from the organisation.

Of course, it has meant that I am focused upon the standards on my plot in terms of ensuring the grass is not “overgrown” so the next inspector can not see “neglect” on my plot. It is a shame that the Inspector can not write in coherent sentences with good grammar “cut grass [a]round [the] shed area” as it is a little confusing to understand what the point raised is. Indeed, last year when I was Secretary, the Committee decided to remove “White” Cards to Plot Holders and the Secretary (I) would ring up Plot Holders whom the Inspectors had had some concern or non-compliance issue to encourage a good relationship between the Committee and the Plot Holder community. I am guessing that a new change of leadership has changed the approach and philosophy on our plots.

Terrible overgrown grass on my plot!

And having been away for a week on holiday, the potatoes are popping up as are the weeds, so I do not to spend some time weeding my Raised Beds.

First Early Potatoes need weeding

Main Crop Potatoes popping through

And plant my final lot of Main Crop potatoes (which I are my last ones for this season!)

And strangely, my Rhubarb seems to be suffering, possibly from too little water as the leaves have yellowed and they are looking neglected! I know it has been quite dry and possibly too hot for the plants so I am regularly watering them as they appear at the front of the Plot and I was hoping to get a good harvest from these plants.

Have to see if they survive and whether additional watering will help them.


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