Week 10 (Year 4): Planting more Potatoes, Mange Tout & Peas transferred and Fruiting Bushes Popping on my plot…

Another busy week with another batch of Pentland Javelin potatoes planted in a new Raised Bed.

Pentland Javelin Main Crop potatoes

New main Crop potatoes covered over

And Mange Tout seedlings have been transferred onto the Plot. These were planted from seed in the paper pots and now are sat with some wired fence, next to the Broad Beans on my plot, infront of the Greenhouse.

Mange Tout

Close up of Mange Tout

And further Garden Peas (Meteor) which will sit on the former Compost Heap with the existing Peas (Greenshaft).

Meteor Peas

And happy to see my Fruit Bushes have flowered and small fruits are forming. I think I need to cover these over to prevent the birds, pigeons and parakeets from eating this produce!

Gooseberries forming on my bushes

More Gooseberries

And some red currants are appearing on that bush, so we should have a bumper year of fruit!

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