Week 9 (Year 4): Final Asparagus planted on the Plot and late frosts damage my potatoes….

Despite moving into late Spring, we’ve also had some strange weather including giant hail stones as well as sudden stormy downpours. This has caused some issues down on my plot including damaging the potato shoots emerging in the soil.

The First Early Potatoes look strange.

Frost damaging my First Early Potatoes

And in between rain showers, I have planted the last lot of Asparagus onto my plot. After filling up the Raised Bed last week, I have had to find a new Raised Bed for the new ones (Pacific Purple).

New Pacific Purple Aspargus

First row of Pacific Purple

And a second row of Pacific Purple Asparagus

And from our neighbours (at Fulham Palace) they were using a Crane to review and maintain their roof and had a quick gander at our Allotment Site. This overview photograph has been marked up with my Shed /Plot as it captures a great view of some of the plots across Fulham Palace Meadows. A great shot.


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