Week 8 (Year 4): Planting Sweet Peas and Garden Peas on my plot…

Another set of seeds are ready for transferring onto my plot (from the little greenhouse in the garden) after being hardened off. This includes Sweet Pea  (flowers) which I have decided to put next to the Greenhouse (with netting held up on the glass) so that they can provide some shelter to the inside planting. This includes:

New Garden Peas on the former Compost Heap.

A few Nasturtiums with the new Garden Peas

These Hurst GreenShaft Peas are been grown in paper pots and transferred (in the pots so as not to disturb the roots) and the nasturtiums have been introduced in a similar growing method. They have been placed into the Raised Bed which was formerly the compost heap for the plot. Last year I had pumpkins on here and since then, this has not really been used. Indeed, the top soil has been added form the hanging wall units from the garden at home, so it is drying but of a decent consistency. They will be joined (shortly) by my Meteor Peas which are still growing in paper pots at home.

Pink & White Frills Sweet Peas

So by the path-side of the Greenhouse,  I have planted some flowering Sweet Peas. (These

Sweet peas

Sweet Pea flowers

Elsewhere on my plot, the lettuce is doing rather well, and probably needs picking and eating!

Lettuce growing well

First Earlies popping through

The view down the plot

And back to the weeding!

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