Week 6 (Year 4): Checking up on Sown Seeds and More Transfers of Potatoes to the Plot…

Down on my Plot, it’s the last lot of First Earlies  to be planted as well as some Main Crop Potatoes as I know several of my fellow Allotmenteers have already planted in their potatoes. Maybe I’m behind schedule already but it is traditional (or an Old Wives tale) to plant them at Easter time, so I’m not that far behind!

Desiree Main Crop Potatoes

Planted into the Second Potato Raised Bed

The short bamboo canes indicate a seed potato and these shall be removed once they sprout through the soil;

My second Potato Raised Bed

Also whilst on my Plot, I dug over the former Brassica Bed and covered it with some manure (to feed the soil) in preparation for more Main Crop Potatoes!

Preparing for more Potatoes

And back in the little Greenhouse at home, I decided to review my sown seeds and see whats growing well:

Sweet Pea Flowers

Fennel, Cosmos & Yellow Courgettes

Courgettes, Pear Drop Tomatoes & Swiss Chard

Nasturtiums, Aubergine, Courgettes and Beetroot

And more vegetables largely in the paper pots which I love to use. These mean that transplanting them (when they’re ready) is quick, easy and doesn’t disturb the roots.

Pak Choi, Turnips & Cherry Tomatoes

Kale has popped up

Tigerella Tomatoes

With some flowers as well as Vegetables:

Sweet Pea White Frills

Sweet Peas Painted Lady

So now hardening off some of the peas, sweet peas and preparing the Main Crop potatoes to be moved over to the plot.

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