Week 5 (Year 4): Tidying Up the Plot, the end of Broccoli and the beginning of First Early Potatoes…

So a quiet manual week of weeding and tidying up. It seems I am confused about my edges and borders as some of them I have weeded back to the soil, so the grass path runs along with a clear divide whilst on the other side, the grass grows right up to the wooden edges of the raised beds. I guess it doesn’t really matter but I need to work out what works for me and focus upon the crops.

Before and After

More edging weeded and brought back to the soil.

Garlic Bed weeded

The Brassica Bed has become overwhelmed with black fly! The Purple Sprouting Broccoli is surviving but much of it is covered in little black flies. Whilst they can be washed off before cooking and eating, they seem to have taken over and are restricting the growth of some of the stems. There are other stems which have flowered (which means I didn’t pick them quickly enough!)

Clearing the Brassica Raised Bed

Before /After for Brassica Bed

So the Broccoli has been cleared (to make way for more potatoes!) whilst the Cauliflower has been left and will have to see if we can harvest this.

The last Broccoli

And the Cauliflower is forming good heads so have to ensure I keep an eye on it so that I do not miss it! And most surprisingly the First Early Potatoes are popping out already:

First Early Potatoes popping up

Broad Beans are getting stronger and have flowers forming

Gladioli are popping through

So much for straight lines as the Gladioli’s have just generally popped out!


One thought on “Week 5 (Year 4): Tidying Up the Plot, the end of Broccoli and the beginning of First Early Potatoes…

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