Week 4 (Year 4): Transferring more Red Onions and First Early Potatoes…

Spring feels like it’s here.

Down on my plot I have been planting more Seed Potatoes (transferred from the greenhouse at home onto the Plot) as well as the final lot of Red Onions into a Raised Bed:

Ready for planting

In the Ground.

New Lady Christl Potatoes

As I have quite a few seed potatoes, I have had to have another Raised Bed with Potatoes as I don’t have enough room in the original Raised Bed. This one if pretty full and will probably need another additional one.

Large Seed Potato Raised Bed (all neat and tidy)

And Electric Red Onions are ready to be transferred onto the plot after sitting in trays of compost and growing well.

Red Onions

I have struggled to have Onions on my plot (which may be due to the heavy clay soil or the local wildlife which likes to eat them before they’re fully grown) so we shall see what happen this crop. Indeed, I have covered it over with a light sheet to prevent the pigeons picking them up and pulling them out.

Up the Plot

And still harvesting my Purple Sprouting Broccoli although some of the buds look worse for wear with some black fly affecting some of the bunches. Whilst they still remain edible, after cooking them, it is strange that they lose their distinctive purple colour and some stems remain quite hard!

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

And just around the corner from the Allotment site, we have a new supply store (with a tea room) which has opened in the former site of as previous Garden Centre. It has a good  tea room (with GLUTEN FREE cakes) and a good wide selection of seeds and plants.

New Garden Centre


3 thoughts on “Week 4 (Year 4): Transferring more Red Onions and First Early Potatoes…

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