Week 3 (Year 4): Transferring First Early Seed Potatoes and planting Asparagus Plants on my plot…

So having purchased many of my Seed Potatoes arrived in late January and got them into baskets to Chit, its now time to move them to the Plot. Already they have a good set of roots growing on them with some having lots of little tentacles growing next to a thick stubby root.

Pentland Javelin First Early Potatoes in the first row.

These go into the first row (nearest the path) with a few trowels of manure to sit on. These are then covered over and I find that I shape the soil into mole hills so I know where they are! I also use some short bamboo canes to mark the plants so again, when I’m weeding and hoeing, I can hopefully avoid disturbing the growth. I have tried these ones before (including Year 2) and had a good successful harvest,well as in my first year with a handful of them.

Red Emmalie Seed Potatoes in second row

A distinctive purple potatoes (I hope) which shall provide some variety to the crop. And another one was planted in the third row: Swift which is another First Early potato.

Rocket Seed Potatoes in third row

And in another Raised Bed,  the one that is permanently going to be an Asparagus Bed: the first plants went in (two double packs of “Connover’s Colossal”). These were purchased at Wyevale.

Asparagus planted in permanent raised bed (Connover’s Colossal)

And additionally, another 10 Asparagus Plants (which seemed so much more mature) from Van Meuwen called “Guelph Millennium”

And more Asparagus planted

So two more rows of Potatoes to be planted in the Raised Bed before new holes have to be dug for further Main Crop ones as I have enjoyed a good crop of Potatoes last year, as well as back in my first year of having my allotment… So back to the weeding…


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