Week 2 (Year 4): More sowing of Seeds, Clearing the Greenhouse and Holes ready for Asparagus & First Early Potatoes…

As we head into Spring, according to our Rules & Regulations, it’s the last weekend of burning so I took advantage of this and burnt some of my rubbish and waste materials. It’s important to try and not create too much smoke as Fulham Palace Meadows Allotment Association has received complaints from Residents, our neighbours (Fulham Palace) and other interested parties but I am guessing there was some wetness in my materials as it appeared to create an awful lot of smoke.

Fire Burning!

I can see the haze


Managed to clear out several bags of twigs, rose cuttings and weeds which burnt quite well. I had to use some old papers and cardboard boxes to keep the fire going as well as firelighters.  Inside the Greenhouse, I have emptied out the plastic trays (from the Wall in the garden at home which is good soil although from last summer) and placed this on the Compost Heap. The trays are now sat in the Shed and I shall try and clean them at some point.

Plastic Trays now stored in the Shed.

Inside the Greenhouse: the Trays and then the cleared soil.

And after some weeding (removing bind weed which had come up) I fed the soil with some Rotten Manure (purchased from our on-site shop) I watered this in as it’s rather warm in the Greenhouse. This should add some nutrients into the soil and get it ready for planting for this new season.

Soil has been fed inside the Greenhouse.

And of course, it is now warm enough to sow seeds directly in the soil (outside rather than in my lean-to greenhouse at home in paper pots). This includes Nantes 2 Carrots (not pictured) as well as Pickling Onions, Beetroot and Radish. These are in a Raised Bed and I covered it with a cloche so that the birds (pigeons and Parakeets) do not eat the emerging seedlings. I will have to see how they progress.

Paris SilverSkin Pickling Cocktail Onions

Vienna Radish

Chioggi Pink Beetroot

And whilst it is dry, getting warmer and I have my First Early Potatoes chitting at home, they’re almost ready to be planted into the ground. Indeed, I have been reminded (via Facebook) that last year my Potatoes were in the ground already and of course, Easter is a little later this year (by 2 weeks) so I feel already behind. It’s interesting as thats the old wives tale or traditional time for planting potatoes but several fellow Allotmenteers have got them in the ground so am I already behind!?

Holes dug for Asparagus

Six rows of five holes for my Asparagus Collection. It has been delivered so I do need to plant them in the ground. It is also a tactical move as I found, especially last year, that in order to meet our Association’s Rules & Regulations (and specifically the rule around 80% of  the plot needing to be cultivated: once I have pulled up a crop, such as potatoes, I found that I had quite a large proportion of the plot uncultivated, hence the move towards a mix of permanent Raised Beds and flexible ones in which I rotate crops on a seasonal basis).

Digging holes for First Early Potatoes

Excited that this Raised Bed will be filled with First Early Potatoes (including Pentland Javelin, Purple Majesty, Rocket and Swift). Whilst I have a mix of these (in separate baskets) I have decided to grow just 5 of each of them in a row and see which ones do better. Indeed, I love digging up the Potatoes: it is one of the pure joys of having my own Allotment and can’t wait to get these going (probably next week)!

So back to the weeding!

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