Week 1 (Year 4): Planting more Sunburst Sunflowers and Emir Melon Seeds in handmade Paper Pots….

One of the best tools I have is my paper-pot maker. It is absolutely invaluable and such an easy implement to repeatedly utilised for my seedlings and sowing seeds in. They are cheap to make (as I use the catalogues sent through the post from various Seeds and Plant Producers, and they are so easy to make that I can use them all the time. They are bio-degradable so when you transplant them to the Plot, they will break-down without affecting the little seedlings so a really useful tool.  The Paper Pot Maker is a simple, time-tested tool that transforms ordinary newspaper into a limitless supply of 1-3/4″ diameter pots, perfect for seed starting. Simply wrap a strip of paper around the solid oak press, fold it under, and twist into the base. Hey Presto! It literally takes a few seconds and these can be planted right into the ground and in my Raised Beds.

Part 1: Making Paper Pots

Part 2: Making Paper Pots

So with my new supply of pots, I have sown some Sunflower seeds for my Plot:


These are good for attracting wildlife and insects, and should add some bold colour to my Plot. Some of them will probably not sprout but I have planted the whole packet so lets see how many I get. And I also planted Melons (Emir) which I know is a little early but I have decided that last year I planted them too late and they provided fruit but a little late in the season and they didn’t have time to grow well enough to be substantial.

Emir Melons

And popping down the plot to do some handover preparations (as I am no longer the Asssociation’s Secretary), the sun was bright with a very blue sky. It was nice to be back in the Office and getting ready to hand it back over.

A sunny Morning



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