Week 52 (Year 3): Transferring Broad Beans & Onions, Carrots dug up and more preparations for Spring…

Spring isn’t quite bursting out all over just yet but it is becoming a little warmer and the days are getting a little longer with more time available for the Allotment (even if the sun hasn’t quite made it out yet!). The Broad Bean plants which were planted in my really useful paper pots were ready to be transferred to the Plot (as roots are coming through the paper bottoms!) These are easy to move because of the paper material and sing into the prepare soil very swiftly. I hope these are good plants and very productive as I haven’t bothered to sow any seeds straight into the ground this year.

Broad Beans onto the Plot

And a little bit of netting will hopefully prevent the Pigeons from eating these little plants. On the other side of Main Avenue, one of the Raised Beds will have Onions planted into it. I have used it previously for burning so the ash has been mixed into the soil to add to the nutritional make-up for the Onions.

Clearing Ground for Onions

White Onions transferred into the Raised Bed

White Onions (which were meant to be Over-Winter ones but bought quite cheap in the Sales!) have grown with some leaves so now they’ve been transferred to the Plot and we shall have to see how they do! And Red Onions to be placed there shortly.


Most surprised when clearing one of the Raised Beds that I had some carrots which were quite thick and meaty. These were planted in trenches of sand in amongst the soil and appear to have done quite well. And a single cabbage was picked and some of the younger leaves will be eaten shortly.

Not really the season for taking home produce at the moment but weeding, clearing, adding manure and preparing for Spring.

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