Week 52 Year 3: Happy 3rd Birthday to my Allotment Plot…

I can’t quite believe that three years has passed me by and I still have an Allotment which has proven quite productive and very good for my health and soul. Don’t really know where all the time has gone and how quickly the crops pop up, grow and then disappear.

My Plot over 3 years

During my third year I have enjoyed a good selection of crops, all grown on Plot 225 including Cabbages, Pumpkins, Tomatoes, Broad Beans and Strawberries as well as joining in (and supporting the organising) of festivities including the Fulham Palace Meadows Centenary Party and Rogation Sunday. The biggest transformation this last year was the building of my new Greenhouse which has added a new dimension to my raised beds as well as some drama (after Storm Katie smashed most of the glass panels!). So another amazing year down on my plot.

Now and 3 years ago

During my second year, I enjoyed possibly the world’s smallest carrots, beans and pumpkins, entered the Allotment’s Large Vegetable Competition (and won a Third Place for my Pumpkin), pickling American Gherkins and harvesting potatoes (including Purple ones!) and stepped up to become the Secretary of the Association after undertaking a year as Assistant Secretary and celebrated the anniversary.

Now and Then (3 years ago)

It seems strange to reflect on when I first arrived to inspect my new plot to a busy but productive first year with lots of good crops produced, eaten and enjoyed including Brussels Sprouts, Pumpkins, Runner Beans, Courgettes, Summer salad including tomatoes, cucamelons and lettuce, pickling cucamelons and shallots, Peas,  Elephant Garlic, Potatoes,Calabrese and French Beans, Flowers, Strawberries which we made into jam.

And of course, not everything has worked out but I can look back knowing that I’ve grown lots of fruit and vegetables, spent loads of hours outside in the fresh air and worked damned hard in building up my little piece of paradise in SW6.

Happy Allotmenteering….


… Now back to the weeding!


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