Week 51 (Year 3): Spring busting out all over the field, The Secretary steps down at the AGM and flowering on my plot…

Another busy week with activities on the plot, across the field and around the corner at the AGM. On my plot, we’ve had some warmer weather so I’ve been able to spend a few odd hours clearing Raised Beds; ready to be planted up. The weeds haven’t really come back and started growing much so it’s a good time to clear old crops, move dead leaves and other materials and feed the soil.

Weeding around the Lettuce

Weeding around the celery in preparation for Spring

Looking tidier

And whilst not a lot is growing and has been planted, it is getting my plot tidy ahead of inspection which start again shortly.

Lovely Daffs in flower on the field

More Daffs in flower

And at our AGM, held in the local Church, despite being asked again by members, I decided to step down as Secretary of the Allotment Association. It allows fresh blood and new ideas to be brought through the new Committee as the Chair, Vice Chair and Assistant Secretary all resigned and decided not to stand for re-election. It has been an interesting experience serving the community firstly as Assistant Secretary for the first year and more recently as Secretary but there are some BIG Personalities in the “team” and it has been very challenging at times.

The Officers a the AGM.

The Secretary’s Report to the AGM

I can confess that I will not miss the monthly Committee Meetings and the little politics which some colleagues have played. And can return back to focusing upon my vegetables and my plot. I intend to still support the Association through serving on the Appeals Committee, running the Facebook Social Media group and editing the Newsletter for Plot Holders but it is a specific and limited role.

Rhubarb is blooming

On one of the Rhubarb plants, a huge flower head has appeared surrounded by lush green leaves. This is located by the Greenhouse and is in it’s second year and produced quite a lot of good stems last year. The ones at the very front Raised Bed are coming up after the addition of mulch and manure so I shall be able to pick some of these stems this year. And my large Rosemary Bush is flowering. It is a little strange as the flowering is in the middle of the bush and not covering all of it but sweet dainty flowers are being enjoyed.

Rosemary is in flower

And a new batch of Asparagus Plants arrived in the post, so I need to get them planted in ASAP and of course, more seedlings to be sown for the Spring!

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