Week 50 (Year 3): Planting Gladioli in Raised Beds, Growing Brassicas and preparing my new Asparagus Raised Bed…

Finding a bargain of lots of Gladioli bulbs (as they probably should have been planted by now) meant that I had three packs to be put into the ground. I was going to stick to a specific colour but decided that a variety would be better so they have been tightly cramped into two Raised Beds at the front of the plot (on the right hand side) along the “Main Avenue” and should look great in the Summer: providing a ready source of cut flowers (and gifts!).

95 Gladioli Bulbs planted in two raised beds down “Main Avenue”

Rhubarb is growing well after covering it with manure

These Rhubarb plants were moved to the very front bed last year and were not picked from (in order to help them settle in). These should do well this year as they are bulking up and certainly looking forward to some crumbles shortly. The Brassica Raised Bed is cramped full of Red, White and Purple Broccoli and Cauliflower which is now forming heads. The delicate matter of when to pick them is crucial to enjoying and eating them: as if you’re too late, they are just flowery heads that are wasted!

New Growth with Cauliflower and Purple Sprouting Broccoli nearly ready for eating!

Soon I shall be moving the Broad Bean plants onto the Plot. These were grown from seed in the Greenhouse at home and are now fairly established plants. The Potatoes are doing ok with little baskets starting to show root growth as the Chit.

Broad Bean plants are hardening off before being moved to the Plot. Potatoes are Chitting well!

And finally, preparations are underway for my new Asparagus Raised Bed. A former potato bed will become the permanent home for my new Asparagus plants (a starter kit has been ordered and should be here shortly with a selection of varieties). These will have to be settled in and established before I shall start eating them but I understand that they are one of the better financially positive crops to grow (based upon the cost of the crops versus the cost of purchasing them in the shops!). And I guess there is some recognition that once you have a regular crop, they repeatedly come back every year.

As part of my preparations I dug four trenches and added some gravel and sand mix into each of them, to improve the drainage. I understand from my readings that this is a critical element to the success of Asparagus so I am giving this long term crop the best start I can.

Preparing for Asparagus

Ready for Asparagus

So back to the weeding!

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