Week 47 (Year 3): Royal Manure and Planning for the Year Ahead…

A quiet time down the allotment as with the grey cold weather, it isn’t a great time to be on the plot. There aren’t many weeds and only a few crops in the ground. However, with empty Raised Beds, it is a good time to feed the soil add some manure.

Royal Muck!

Royal Muck!

We are lucky down our Allotment to receive Horse Manure from the Royal Household (i.e. the Queen’s Mews) and are one of several sites that receives a truck load. We don’t the opportunity to schedule deliveries or know the frequency but fairly regularly (as we are only 3 miles from Buckingham Palace and the Royal Household). This is usually dumped within our site (by the Bishop’s Park Avenue Gate and Plot Holders are encouraged to help themselves.

Committee Minutes and request for AGM items

Committee Minutes and request for AGM items

We have our Annual General Meeting in early March so already the planning and preparations for this has started. As per our Rules & Regulations, I have requested that any Plot Holder /Member can have items added to the Agenda if they formally notify me, in my capacity as Secretary. This has to be completed within 28 days of our meeting. I also have an additional responsibility in drawing up the Agenda which has to be circulated 21 days before the meeting. And in accordance with our Rules & By-Laws, if this is not completed the meeting is null and void!

Oh what fun it is to serve on the Committee.

AGM Notice

AGM Notice

So a busy few weeks to get ready for the AGM and decided whether I shall stand again as Secretary for the Allotment Association. Whilst I have enjoyed elements of the work, I have to dedicate a significant amount of time to complete the busy role and probably have neglected my own Plot in the meantime.

We’ll have to wait and see…

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