Week 40 (Year 3): Keeping watch during Christmas…

What a strange week, just before the festive period and the season of goodwill to all men, as down the Allotment site, we have been frequented by unwelcomed visitors. On several occasions, vandals have visited the site (in the hours of darkness) and undertaken activities which are less than desirable.

Our visitors are believed to be youths whom are breaking into many Sheds and having a good look around. Indeed, my own shed was damaged this week, and a wooden edge had been removed and clear markings suggest they tried to open the door: but the lock held. Several Sheds have been vandalised with grammatically incorrect graffiti sprawled across them. Furthermore, and more seriously, three Sheds were set alight and destroyed by the youths.

A shed burnt down on the Allotments.

A shed burnt down on the Allotments.

A cleared plot!

A cleared plot!

Such a shame that someone’s hard work, well-looked after tools and personal possession have been destroyed by mindless vandals. This is so disappointing as most Plot Holders do not insure their sheds as the premium on household policies is quite a lot for what is largely a secure site. We do have locked gates, CCTV on buildings and covering the gate entrances and tall fencing but there are weak areas which we are exposed.

Another shot of the cleared plot.

Another shot of the cleared plot.

As a Committee, whilst we have no formal Meeting during December, communications via email is going around as we consider actions to be taken and how we can best respond on behalf of all Plot Holders.

And back on the plot, was able to pick a Cabbage and take it home for eating. Not so keen on this vegetable but one that has grown well on my plot from seed:

The Cabbage have a good lot of leaves although many of the outer leaves have been nibbled!

So Merry Christmas! And  a Happy New Year!


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