Week 7 Year 3: Rogation Sunday, planting Main Crop Potatoes and working my Raised Beds…

Another busy week down my allotment. On the Sunday, we celebrated Rogation Sunday where in-conjunction with All Saints Fulham Parish, we have a brief service by the Tea Hut before the field is blessed and growth is encouraged. Indeed, it is a simple short service with a few hymns and more of a social occasion with tea and cake at the Vicarage.

Blessing the crops

Blessing the crops

More Blessings

More Blessings

It is always well attended and always good to say “hello” to fellow Plot Holders as well as praying for a good harvest!

Main Crop Potatoes

And time to plant my Main Crop potatoes (by my hole-in-one) method rather than digging trenches for the seed potatoes. Of course, they have been chitting for a few weeks and I am hopeful for a good crop, later in the year.

Looking up the Plot

Looking up the Plot

Down the Front first Raised Bed, my transferred Rhubarb is doing well with some good growth after I added manure to these three crowns and to neaten the bed up, I have added some of the mulch from the Hampton Court Flower Show (Silver Medal winning Garden) which I supported last year. This has all been used now and whilst it is a good matting, it should help keep my Strawberries off the ground as well as suppress some of the weeds.

Broad beans doing rather well

Broad beans doing rather well

Pleased to see my Broad Beans growing under the cloche. I may have to remove the cover soon as they are growing up quickly. Not quite sure which varities they are as I mixed them up with some planted in the ground  and some transferred after planting in trays. (They are either Green Windsor Broad Beans: an old Heritage variety or Masterpiece Green Long Pod Broad Beans: which given the name, suggests that they shall be longer and therefore identifiable: Lets see!).

so back to the weeding!


2 thoughts on “Week 7 Year 3: Rogation Sunday, planting Main Crop Potatoes and working my Raised Beds…

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