Week 36 Year 2: Going BAT-ty and moving Rhubarb in the Dark(er) (K)Nights…

It feels like Winter has come down at Fulham Palace Meadow Allotments. The days are cold, the nights are colder and daylight seems to be around only with cloudy grey skies.

Rhubarb in it's old home.

Rhubarb in it’s old home.

The Rhubarb was originally located at the back of the Plot and has been there ever since I took the plot on. With new structures (the Pergola as my seating area, next to the Shed) shades this little corner so I had been thinking about moving it at the beginning of the Autumn, but as is life, I have finally got around to doing it. It was harder to do (in November) as much of the plant has now disappeared for the Winter with just little shoots sticking up through the mature but enough of it, so that I could dig it up and divide the clump into three (rather uneven sections).

This has now been relocated into the very front Raised Bed and should get lots of Sunshine and gave it plenty of Manure so it will help it in it’s new home. And funnily, after clearing the patch and moving in the rhurbarb, the ROBINS were very active in coming down and searching for worms. I guess it’s nearly “the most wonderful time of the year, DING, DONG, DING DONG…”

Lucky for me that I have a power source inside the Shed (a car battery) which powers up lights: much needed when even in the mid-afternoon, it is getting dark. And of course, my friends (Ladybirds) are happily resting and hibernating inside. They didn’t seem bothered by the lights so hopefully they have eaten enough to survive the cold winter at Fulham Palace Meadow Allotments!

Was good to do some burning (in the Incinerator now that our “burning week” has finished and open fires are no longer permitted on the site). Despite the very cold, bitter weather, the materials burned quite well and before we left, ash was brushed into a couple of the beds, which should help with the vegetables next year. My Winter Garlic has arrived, so I now need to plan where I am to put them in.

And being nearly Winter, weeding is less important and critical as the cold temperatures kill them off! So back inside the Shed.

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