Week 35 Year 2: (Probably) the World’s smallest Carrots, Winter Weeding and Ladybirds hibernating in my Shed…

Another Winter Week and more produce collected: Beetroot, Southport Onions, Dahlia Flowers, Gherkin, and two carrots!

So my carrots have been in the ground several months, popping up in Week 20, and yet, they haven’t really done much since. So disappointed as last year, I really had some beautiful carrots. Interesting that there doesn’t appear to be a “record-breaking” smallest carrot but of course,  there is a heaviest one: the heaviest carrot weighs 9.1 kg (20 lb) and was grown in Newark, as verified at the Harrogate Flower Shows Autumn Show on 12 September 2014. But if there was a record-breaking attempt for the smallest: I think I would be a winner!

So back to the weeding:

Removed weeds, beetroot and dead cucumber plants.

Cleared Nasturtiums, old garlic /onions in the front bed.

But strangely, some things are still growing: I have another Watermelon growing, although recognising the colder evenings and wet days, it wont really grow into much! And I still have beans, although they are quite hard and tough. I think I’ll leave them for seed next year!

And rather annoyingly, my Rhubarb has disappeared (for the Winter) which is not good as I was planning to move them to a new Raised Bed, which gets more sunlight. Of course, I could try and dig them up, but without any leaves showing, my task is a little harder!

But the Cauliflower is still doing well: Just have to remember to remove it before it shoots out and flowers!


Amazed to find large groups of Ladybirds inside my shed: hibernating until April! Looking online, I have learnt that coming inside suggests it’s getting cold: not that you didn’t already know that! But hopefully, they’ve all eaten lots of aphids during the summer, and will survive inside my shed until next year. Such useful beetles!

So back to the weeding! And getting ready for the November Committee Meeting!


3 thoughts on “Week 35 Year 2: (Probably) the World’s smallest Carrots, Winter Weeding and Ladybirds hibernating in my Shed…

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