Week 33 Year 2: My Spooky Pumpkin, Burn-Baby-Burn and Winter Weeding…

It’s nearly the most wonderful time of the year, so it slows down on the Allotment Plot! Of course, I had planned to have a Pumpkin ready for Halloween, but of course Mother Nature has had other ideas.

Watching Gardeners World, I learnt that Pumpkins go yellow /orange due to warmth, hence my green pumpkin was never going to be “ready” sitting outside. So with it’s hard skin, I have moved it into the Greenhouse at home, in the hope that it will turn before I enjoy eating it. And a few French Beans, Runner Beans and fresh herbs. And a handful of lavender.

Strange with Burning Week (well, its actually two-weekends and a week) of permitted open fires on Plots (in addition to incinerator burning at weekends after 1pm), that the whole field of allotments looks like a war zone. And of course, if you pop down, whether for a few hours or even just passing through, your clothes pick up that bbq /fire smell! But a great way to be rid of old materials (like the rose bush stems. And nice to see a squirrel on the plot (not mine: thankfully).

The Cauliflower is doing quite well, despite the colder nights and the Onions (over-winter) are settling in. The white ones (right) have a few weeks more growth than the Red ones, and are now popping through the netting. And of course, being winter, the weeds are dying back (which is good) although I still need to keep on top of them, and make sure the plot looks tidy (for Plot Inspections) and for my own sanity! And lovely that my Nasturtiums are continuing to grow and flourish (so much so that the paths will need to be trimmed back).

So back to the weeding…!


3 thoughts on “Week 33 Year 2: My Spooky Pumpkin, Burn-Baby-Burn and Winter Weeding…

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