Week 30 Year 2: Harvesting plot-grown Vegetables & Flowers, my SPECTRE-cular Watermelon and raising funds in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support…

Clearly, my Watermelon is surviving the autumn cold but only just growing but in the open, it’s ill and maybe needs a (Doctor). No it won’t survive much longer and Die. Another day in the future, I’ll try them in a Greenhouse and pray for a clear Sky. Fall or Autumn is here, so if I had a Goldeneye or a Goldfinger, and pushed it earlier; it might have grown as it’s not From Russia. With love I’ll have to Live and Let (it) Die. Will I try it next year: Never say Never (Again)!

My Watermelon is SPECTRE-cular! If a little bit late, Mr Bond!

Inbetween the cold weather and cold snaps, I have been harvesting more Vegetables…


Great to be able to pick fresh herbs (Rosemary and Sage) and use them at home, in cooking. A great benefit of having my own Allotment.


And beautiful late flower Lavender. I need to trim more of them, and maybe I’ll dry them out and use them for Christmas home-made, plot-grown gifts.


Still growing Beans, which has become overwhelming: I have handed them to several neighbours, and many of our visitors, leave the house with a handful of Beans. Indeed, I have blanched lots, so we shall enjoy them into the Winter months, and I note, they are becoming tougher (which might be due to the weather).

Noticeboards: with October’s Newsletter and advert for MacMillan Cancer Support Fundraiser.

As Assistant Secretary of the FPMAA (Fulham Palace Meadows Allotment Association) I have written and introduced a new Newsletter. The first was published in the first week of October. It has three key sections: “You must read..” which outlines specific rules/ by-law information, relevant to the time of year: such as incinerators and burning, “You might have missed…” which covers events which were held on our property and “You might want to know…” which outlines future events and information for our members. A little contribution to support fellow Plot Holders.

And this week, we hosted a Fundraiser Afternoon with baked goods for donations in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support. I prepared some Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Wheat Free Biscuits (Orange ones and Lemon ones, which I enjoyed making and decorating [with edible glitter]. These were a small contribution to an amazing event: and being on the Committee, I volunteered and spent several hours serving cakes to our guests.

Please to have helped raise over £700 for MacMillan Cancer Research as well as socialise with fellow Plot Holders on the plot.

And whilst working in the Office, spotted a friendly visitor on the roof of our Trading Hut.

Good to see the local wildlife around the plots.

Anyhow.. Back to the Weeding… And planning my new crops for the next season.


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