Week 23 Year 2: Late Summer growth on the plot…

The Summer Sun is bright in the sky, and despite a few grey days, we have been enjoying warm temperatures down at Fulham Palace Meadow Allotment Association…

Although I am only a few days away from having fresh Runner Beans, and more French Beans, it is exciting to see how quickly the plants settle onto the Allotment and start to shoot up the frames I have built.

New Growth: Carrots in the IKEA basket, Another American Gherkin, Sweetcorn (which is rather small) and Cucamelons.

Runner Beans forming, French Beans forming, and Courgettes.

Inside my tented Tomato House: trying to raise the temperature and get them ripe.

And of course, lots of weeding as the sunshine encourages them (also) to grow and take over. Noticeably, where my Raspberries and Strawberries are, there is a lot of bind weed, which are only two crop areas which were not extensively dug over when I took over the plot last year: that will change. I am planning to move the Strawberries to a new patch and transplant the little plants in a few weeks. I also plan to install a Greenhouse on the plot. Whilst I have a temporary structure (drying onions and garlic), I know some of my crops would have been more successful with protection and a better warmer environment, so I shall find the space on the plot, and move the Raspberries.

Week 23: Looking down and up the Plot.

So back to the weeding…


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