Year 2 Week 17: Visiting RHS Hyde Hall: Beautifully Arranged Flowers and Picture-Perfect Allotments…

RHS Hyde Hall is the newest garden developed by them to show excellency in gardening and horticultural magic. The Fulham Palace Meadows Allotment Society organised a coach trip at a cost of £10 to enjoy a day-out at this beautiful site.

I signed up for a Flower Arranging Class, as I had seen the weather forecast and it was expected that “heavy showers” would dominate the day. I had seen  the activity listed in the RHS The Garden Magazine, which I receive on regular basis as RHS members. Due to traffic we did not arrive at Hyde Hall until 1120, and once I had got my bearings, I rushed to the Activity Room, which is located up a mound away from the main entrance. I joined the class around 1140 and apologized perfusely for my tardiness. The demonstrator was  finshing off the greenery to her ring and quickly the arrangement came  together. During the break, I spent some time catch-up with the knowledgeable teacher and got cracking.

I tried to tidy as I went, and managed to pile up my cuttings and rubbish at least to the side.

I quite enjoyed building up the greenery, although it does take time as every little bit of greenery has to be squeezed into the oasis material. If it isn’t sharp enough; it just squashes the foam and fails to get it. The bucket on the table had all my flowers and foliage so I had to chop off the flower heads, at an angle and arrange into a decent three-sided pattern of sorts with the objective of achieving a colourful balance.

Finished with Pink Candle option.

And with the Purple Candle as a finish.

I took home the Pink Candle: it seemed to contrast well.

Back to the Allotments Gardens, situated beyond the formal Herbaceous Borders and Rose gardens, there are three model allotments which are projects for students at RHS Hyde Hall. On this rainy wet afternoon, two of the students were tending to their plots; one trimming herbs with scissors whilst another weeded the almost perfectly weeded raised bed of cabbages. They must have spent hours on their soil preparations and as one of the students explained, they are assessed based upon the RHS growing standards and guidelines, so they are growing for perfection.

Huge collection of Melon plants, all labeled.

Neat rows of vegetables. spaced to the RHS standards.

More tidy raised beds. Such beautifully healthy plants.

Such a contrast to the reality of allotmentering. It was good to see this model of perfection and wish the gardeners good luck in their produce this year. If only I had such neat, tidy and presentable plot, with wide expansive paths and probably unlimited manure and rich goodness from RHS Hyde Hall. Inspiring to see the melon collection in person, after watching Monty see them last year. I hope my Melons take off soon….


Anyhow, back to the weeding…


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