Year 2 Week 13: Open Squares at Fulham Palace Meadows and a first harvest of strawberries and a handful of onions…

Open Squares Invitation on the gates.

Whilst the preparations were being made for Open Squares Weekends, I was covering the Allotment Office working on a few admin issues (like reissuing the application form on the website with updated rules and bylaws) and of course, answering queries and questions from allotmenteers and prospective ones (I took in a few application forms from visitors whilst they were looking around). It was busy with visitors, many passing from Fulham Palace into the allotments site through the back gate which is usual not accessible to the general public. All part of Open Garden Squares Weekend,

Tea and cakes for sale as well as plants on offer

Later on, we spotted tour groups being shown around the site with lots of finger pointing and several visitors taking photographs!  Back on my plot I was delighted to pick my first collection of strawberries as well as onions which will need drying. They have been ripening up with long summery evenings.

Harvesting Over Wintered Onions and a handful of Strawberries.

Freshly picked from the plot Strawberries and radish.


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