Year 2 Week 10: The End of Shallots and the Beginning of Heirloom Tomatoes…

The End of Shallots…

From being planted on my plot in Winter 2014, I am pleased that the leaves are yellowing so that I can pull them up and get them dried off. Not sure whether I shall pickle them this year, like I did last year although I am looking forward to my American Gherkins which I am growing for the first time.

My Shallot Journey.

My Shallot Journey.

Shallots drying in the sunshine.

At first, it seemed a little small and weedy as shallots but I reminded myself how they started (as individual shallots) so they have multiplied and made lots, is a good sign of success.

These are now laid out in the “temporary” greenhouse at the back of the plot with a handful of Snow Ball White Onions, which I have also pulled up.

From little individual onions to larger ones…

The Beginning of Heirloom Tomatoes…

It seems that tomatoes are very much in fashion at the moment. Indeed, James Wong seems to be everywhere with his new varieties (supported by Suttons). A definite “vogue” plant. A complete set of Heirloom tomatoes was purchased and hardened off in the garden before transferring to the plot.

My Heirloom Tomato collection.

They have been placed next to the Yellow Stuffers Tomatoes in two straight lines with the following plants:

  • Heirloom Marmande
  • Heirloom Green Zebra
  • Heirloom Berner Rose
  • Beirloom Costoluto

Looking forward to growing these tomatoes to see the old varieties and taste the different “colours”. Indeed, I am especially looking forward to seeing the Green Zebra ones.

Planting tomatoes on the plot

Planting tomatoes on the plot.

In addition, Heirloom Tigerella & Heirloom Potiron Ecarlate are awaiting a position on the plot (and into a different raised bed as I have run out of space in the existing Tomato bed).

Yellow Stuffer Tomatoes and Heirloom Tomatoes.

Yellow Stuffer Tomatoes and Heirloom Tomatoes.

General Growth:

Good to see the Strawberries are doing so well. There are plenty of flowers and fruit being formed, inconjunction with lots of weeds and unwanted growth in the raised bed. I need to do some weeding although unable to put down straw (as traditionally strawberry growers use to raise the fresh fruit off the ground) as I am GLUTEN FREE and there is a risk of contamination of grain onto the strawberries -even if you wash them).

Strawberry Raised bed needs weeding!

New Cauliflower seedlings moved onto the plot after hardening off these plants grown from seed. These have been placed into the Brassica Bed, next to the growing Cauliflower Plants which have been in all winter. Have to see whether we are more successful this year with them!

New growth on over-wintered Cauliflower.



One thought on “Year 2 Week 10: The End of Shallots and the Beginning of Heirloom Tomatoes…

  1. Good luck with the tomatoes, I’m trying Crimson Crush this year because all of the tomatoes I’ve grown at the allotment (including Green Zebra) fall to blight before I get any fruit.

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