Year 2 Week 9: The end of Purple Sprouting, the beginning of French Beans and RHS Chelsea Flower Show…

Another busy week down the allotment at Fulham Palace Meadows with beautiful sunshine and no excuses not to be on the plot.

The End of Sprouting Broccolis:

Unfortunately, the Purple Sprouting bolted, probably due to irregular watering as well as the odd weather we have had. The lovely yellow flowers were pretty but I would have preferred more purple sprouting to eat. Anyhow, the plants were removed from the Brassicas Cage and composted.

Removing old Purple Sprouting Broccoli.

It will allow for new Cauliflower seedlings (ready to move over to the plot) to be placed together with the over-wintering Cauliflower which has started to produce a head. I will have to see what happens with the plants as last year, they didn’t do well at all.

New growth on over-wintered Cauliflower.

The beginning of French Beans…

At the present time, one of my challenges is finding the space on the plot to transfer new produce. This is largely because I am awaiting on some of the planted crops to finish: (Garlic, Onions and Potatoes) which have been in place over the winter and nearly there.

The French Beans (Dwarf beans Laguna, Opera & Sansoucy) have been transplanted to the plot after a friend prepared one of my raised beds (by the Black Bean tower). He added some wood ash into the soil and carefully sorted through the ground to prepare it for the new seedlings. He also watered the soil prior to adding the small plants and they have been protected with some netting and although they are dwarf plants, they will need some support shortly.

New French Beans planted on the plot.

New French Beans planted on the plot.

The beginning of Tomatoes (Yellow Stuffers)…

And the first of my Tomato plants were moved over the plot. The Yellow Stuffers have been grown from seed and I have six plants which have grown up.

6x Yellow Stuffers transferred to the plot after being grown from seed.

And RHS Chelsea Flower Show…

RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

It’s the local Flower Show so one we have to always visit and enjoy as it is a short bus ride away. The prestigious event launches the Garden Show season with the unveiling of new innovative gardens, fashions and trends in the gardening world.

Strange year as with so much on television, before we attended on the first members Day (the Tuesday), I felt I already knew the show pretty well. Unfortunately, as a regular attendee, this year’s show gardens were all very good, the Grand Marquee exhibits were all very good, it’s just there wasn’t any outstanding wow moments at the show.

On show…

Good to see a colourful display of potatoes in the Grand Marquee: the first time an exhibit of potatoes has been awarded a GOLD medal by the RHS.

A large front drive!

Disappointed to see the “show garden” by the winner of the “Design a Chelsea Flower Show Garden Competition” recently shown on BBC2 in the UK. The winner was able to develop a show garden based upon the current RHS campaign against paving over front drives. The size of the plot was unrealistic as a “front garden” for probably 90% of the population but definitely if you live in London! I think the show garden would have been better if they split it into two halves and shown two front drives in contrasting design /planting. The use of slate was intense and the plot was just too huge to be believed.

Garden designed and built by UAE.

It is always exciting to see “gardens” of others worlds. Amongst those on show this year included an Islamic Garden from UAE. From the TV coverage, the trees brought from the Middle East were battered by the British Weather and didn’t look perfect. The contrasting white marble structures were magnificent although the intended splashes of purple didn’t shine through.

But great to get inspiration and ideas for the garden and allotment from “professionals”. And like last year, I am looking forward to RHS Hampton Court…




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