Year 2 Week 6: Allotment AGM or “An Officer and a Gardener” and progress on the plot and in the greenhouse…

AGM Agenda in one of the noticeboards next to the gate to the Allotment.

The AGM is held in St Etheldereda’s Church, a short walk from the Allotment site at Fulham Palace. It was moderately well attended with around 50 Plot holders in attendance (out of a total community of around 400 Plots) but being only my second AGM, I was determined to keep quiet and not get involved.

The appeal for volunteers, handed out when you entered the AGM.

During the election of the Officers for the Association, the Secretary had resigned and the Assistant Secretary stepped up so there was a vacancy. A call was made for a volunteer for the position of Assistant Secretary but no one responded so the newly elected Chair stated that the Committee would review the position as “it was only an hour a week or so“, so I raised my hand. All of a sudden, a microphone was in my hand and I was being asked to say a little bit about myself. “Well, I’m Paul. Plot holder 225. I’ve been working on my plot for just over a year and I could probably support the Association with an hour a week“.  A quick proposer, seconder and the small matter of a vote, before I was announced as the Assistant Secretary!

Agenda for AGM included proposals for discussion.

A healthy discussion occurred around the subject of the Senior Concession. The debate between the standard £35 annual fee versus a discounted £25 Senior rate caused much emotive and passionate responses and will be returned to after the proposal was withdrawn and the Committee to review the matter further before the next AGM. The second proposal was accepted and was dull in-comparison: around following the rules of the Allotment and Tenancy Agreement.

But back to the gardening down the plot…

Planted new flower beds in between the shed and the raised beds.

Looking down the plot: shallots looking Spritely and tall strong garlic.

Potatoes starting to sprout (Pentland Javlin First Early).

Interesting to see different growing techniques across the Allotment:

Top Row: My potatoes planted with mounds. Bottom Row: Potatoes planted in rows, on ridges and in trenches.

And back in the Greenhouse…

At home, my new Chrysanthemums have arrived. (Decorative Beppe, Mystic and Incurve).

My Southport Onions doing something at least!

My Cauliflower doing well and nearly ready to be hardened off and planted out.

Growth spurting from Mange Touts and Peas.

Now back to the weeding…

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