Year 2 Week 4: Clearance of Leeks and the Transfer of First Earlies onto the Plot…

It always seems a constant battle to keep the plot tidy. A fight against Mother Nature and her desires versus my preference for a neat and tidy plot. At the back of the plot, where we have laid out our water collection system and planted some of the woody fruit plants (gooseberry, tayberry, gojiberry and blackcurrant), we did some extensive tidying up.

Once cleared and wood chipping added, it looks smart and tidy.

Started to weed the Garlic /Onion Raised Beds and note my Apple tree has moved from the garden to the Plot.

A simple bamboo screen has been added to the back of the decking.

And some transfers in and out ….

Year 1 leeks have been pulled and will be stored in the garage until required. The bed will be used for Albert Bartlett potatoes for my second year on the Allotment.

First Potatoes into the ground on the plot: Pentland Javelin Potatoes (1st Earlies). Laid into holes with a handful of manure thrown in.

Field of Pentland javelin (First Early) Potatoes planted in individual holes in rows.

First peas transferred to the plot (Hurst Greenshaft) protected by netting against the local pigeons and parakeets.

I can’t quite believe that the growing season has started. Looking around the plots at Fulham Palace Meadows, it seems I am a little behind with my potatoes as I can see some plots with lots of new shoots fighting through the soil, whilst I have only planted my first earlies so far. More to follow!!!!


7 thoughts on “Year 2 Week 4: Clearance of Leeks and the Transfer of First Earlies onto the Plot…

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