Week 52; My Big Allotment Challenge First Anniversary…

Wow,  it’s been one year since I took on the plot at Fulham Palace Meadows Allotment site. It’s been hard work, lots of digging,  moving wheelbarrows, moving bags, more digging, some planting, lots of weeding, moving plants, watering plants, manuring plants, weeding, building compost bins, dismantling sheds, building a new shed, building raised beds, developing paths, building a pergola, building decking and more weeding!

The early days in March 2014 and a look at March 2015.

“We’ve come a long way, but we’re not to sure where we’ve been…”

The plot has come along well. It has been a productive first year with lots of good crops produced, eaten and enjoyed including Brussels Sprouts, Pumpkins, Runner Beans, Courgettes, Summer salad including tomatoes, cucamelons and lettuce, pickling cucamelons and shallots, Peas,  Elephant Garlic, Potatoes, Calabrese and French Beans, Flowers, Strawberries which we made into jam.

The lovely complimentary comments from the RHS received in August 2014.

The lovely complimentary comment from the RHS Grow Your Own Competition received in August 2014.

Through the Seasons on the Plot, we’ve enjoyed sunshine, rain, winds, hail, more rain and plenty more sunshine…

The long view down Plot 225…

And how it was

Abandoned furniture and mess

Abandoned furniture and mess

Looking down

Day 1.

Day 1.



One thought on “Week 52; My Big Allotment Challenge First Anniversary…

  1. You are a fantastic team together-congratulations on what you’ve achieved and I know how hard allottmentering is anyway but starting one from nothing and coming this far producing gorgeous crops ( I know I’ve tasted them) is a massive achievement. Happy Easter too

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