Week 49: And even more Potatoes….

I attended the RHS Winter Plant and Potato Fair at the RHS Royal Horticultural Halls, Victoria, London. As a RHS Member, you get in free, so it’s a worthwhile bus journey to see lots of beautiful plants. Of course, there is the usual array of Growers and a good RHS stand, where I purchased some seed potatoes. More, I hear you cry but only a small handful, I reply.

New Albert Bartlett Rooster (Main Crop) Potatoes.

New Albert Barlett Purple Majesty (Main Crop) Potatoes.

Growth on my Sharpe’s Express (Second Early) Potatoes.

My Pentland Javelin Potatoes.


Growth and life from my Peas.

Growth from my Peas /Beans.

Lots of large displays at the RHS Winter London Show.

A huge selection of potatoes on show at the RHS Winter Plant Fair.

Listening to the RHS Expert talking about Potatoes.

At the short presentation, I learnt that the process of “chitting” enables the grower to save around two to three weeks , as the seed potato starts to grow out of the ground. So it’s good that they have started to flourish in the small greenhouse.

3 thoughts on “Week 49: And even more Potatoes….

  1. Hi Paul, are you getting started with your broad beans yet? There some varieties with a stunning purple flower and will look superb in the allotment-tasty too!

  2. I was at the RHS potato day as well. I purchased Yacon and Oca tubers. Have to plant at least one new vegetable each year. 200 potatoes 14 varieties this year

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