Week 40: Will my allotment grown Brussels Sprouts be ready for the Christmas table?

Shame I missed my Celery, damaged by the recent frosts and as well as some bite marks (possibly our Pigeons or the Wild Parakeets) but will know for next year!

The long view down the plot.

Good leaf growth on my Savoy Cabbage

Leeks doing well although not as fat as I would like.

My celery has truly finished.

So with only a week before the big Christmas Day, will I have Allotment grown Bedford Brussels Sprouts for Christmas day?

Under the cover, the Bedford Brussels Sprout plants have done rather well despite sustained attack. Solid if somewhat small sprouts have formed.

Whilst they are noticeably small, there is plenty enough for Christmas Dinner.

And to celebrate the festive time, a hot fire was burning outside the Tea Hut, mulled wine was enjoyed with hot minced pies and roasted chestnuts with fellow Allotmenteers. Plans and ambitions mapped out for next year.

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your toes…”




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