Week 31: Pumpkin Progress…

As we head towards Halloween, I decided to review my progress with my Pumpkins given that I started my Big Allotment Challenge with a large unkept plot and over the last few weeks, I have watched the Pumpkins grow and grow and grow…

They started out back in Week 9 when I adjusted “main avenue” and instead of building a new raised bed, the old compost heap was boxed in and the new Pumpkin patch was born

New Pumpkin Patch in Week 9.

After just a few weeks, the pumpkin plants have taken well to their new home.

The small fruits slowly formed and after consulting different sources, I trained the pumpkins (removing the main vine once at least one fruit had started to form). I lots a few to insects and animal eating but six large ones were developing.

Six Pumpkins.

Became Five.

And then Four.

And then three (into the Shed)

Resting in the shed before weighing!

From Week 27, we enjoyed roasting pumpkin but these three have now been weighed:

My Best one (so far) at 6.930 kg.

But we still have one growing, attached to a vine and enjoying Autumn outside on the plot.


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