Week 31: Onions & Garlic for Winter 2014…

Along with the colder wetter weather, I am continuing with my preparations for Winter planting. More Onions were transferred from their initial trays (now with leaves) onto the plot:

so growing on my plot I have:

  • Electric Red Onions
  • Snowball White Onions
  • Solent Wight Garlic
  • Provence Wight Garlic

And still to come are:

  • Jenor Shallots
  • Radar Onions
  • More Electric Red Onions
  • More Snowball White Onions
  • Lautrec Garlic
  • Early Purple Wight Garlic
  • And Elephant Garlic.

The raised bed, next to the Pumpkins, with Solent Wight Garlic and Electric Red Onions.

Planting Snowball White Onions for the Winter.

The new Onion & Garlic Raised Beds against the plan!

After the Onions have been planted, Buzz Off tape has been strewn across the beds to put off the Pigeons, Parakeets and birds.

My new Provence Wight Garlic from the Isle of Wight!

My new Solent Wight Garlic planted on the plot.


2 thoughts on “Week 31: Onions & Garlic for Winter 2014…

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