Week 28: Vandals on my Plot… [or Wild Parakeets at Fulham Palace Meadows Allotments]

One morning this week, I headed down rather earlier than usual to my plot and to my surprise I spotted vandals at Fulham Palace Meadows Allotments…


I know there’s been evidence of wildlife eating my crops. I had lost most of my sweet-corns to what I had assumed to be pigeons but on a neighbouring plot, I spotted the wild parakeets sitting on their Sunflowers…

On a neighbouring Plot…

To my surprise, a whole flock who usually sit in the large trees making lots of noise were flying around the plot.

Is it a plane? Is it Superman? No, it’s Parakeets!

And despite me being on my plot, the didn’t seem to mind me…

Flying across the plot…

And then I spotted one at the bottom of my plot (on my Sunflower heads). He was carefully balanced on the top, and bent over to peck at the seeds from the sunflower heads.

Who’s a pretty boy then?

At least I know who has been eating the seeds (left for the birds) on my plot.

And perhaps, it also explains who’s been eating the Rose-Hips as well.

Good to see the local wildlife on my plot and enjoying my work. At least one mystery has been solved.


3 thoughts on “Week 28: Vandals on my Plot… [or Wild Parakeets at Fulham Palace Meadows Allotments]

  1. There is a chap I’ve seen walking around Knightsbridge with Parakeets on his shoulders-nothing ordinary for you Paul, can’t be just pesky pigeons oh no!

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