Week 22: New plants: Fruits of my Forest…

Well through Facebook, I saw there was an unmissable offer at Lidl for fruit trees. These specimens were just £1.79 which is an amazing price for a small shrub. It isn’t much at this small size but next year I should see a stronger plant with some fruit (maybe!)…

In clear cellophane envelopes, all with healthy roots and green growth on top.

My Gooseberry collection. No official species /variety information except to say one is Green and one is Red.

My Gojiberry plant, Blackcurrants and Tay Berry on the plot, running along the back edge.

This fruit bush seems to be the healthiest with good young leaves and strong upwards growth beyond the plastic bag.

The Blackcurrant plant seem a little shy and I gave it plenty of water to help it settle.

And back in the greenhouse at home…

Another bargain at Dobbies (£2.99 for the seed potatoes with a discount as I spotted one of the tubers was mouldy so they gave me 10% off). Need to plant ASAP to hopefully get fresh Christmas Potatoes (Maris Peer and Charlotte).

One thought on “Week 22: New plants: Fruits of my Forest…

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