Week 20: Harvesting Vegetables…

One of the great joys of having an allotment is the amount of vegetables you harvest. This is becoming a daily occurrence as my produce is ready for eating NOW!

So this week we’ve had a bumper crop of Desiree Potatoes which I have boiled, mashed and roasted. I have to say the small delicious potatoes do not roast particularly well as they have a very crisp skin which makes them hard to cut into. The mash from Desiree Potatoes has been delightful, soft and well flavoured.

Lovely Runner Beans

Lovely Runner Beans

Another great harvest including Sweetheart Cabbage, Black Beauty Courgettes, Beetroot, Calabrese, Blue Lake French Beans and Runner Beans (Greshen & Scarlett Emperor).

downloaded 31 07 14 043

Beautiful Desiree Mash Potatoes with Runner Beans (mix of Scarlet Emperor and Greshen).

More Beans. (Blue Lake French Beans)


More (Black Beauty Courgette) Marrows! Several neighbours and friends are owners of a Black Beauty Courgette or Marrow as we’ve had so many, I have become bored of cooking them!

downloaded 04 08 14 092

A light picking of French Beans and a few Courgettes (and a large marrow)

A good harvest of Desiree Potatoes, Red Sun Shallots, Stuttgarter Onions, Calabrese & Black Beauty Courgettes.

Stuttgarter Onions now tied up and drying in the green house (next to the Bulls Blood beetroot just about to be transferred to the plot).


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